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About : Hunt for Decor


Hunt for Decor is unique in that it is a buyer driven solution for finding farmhouse – cottage – rustic – industrial decor.  A buyer (“hunter”) tells us what they are looking for, and our family of small businesses, artisans and junkers will let the hunter know what they have to fulfill their request.  Once a connection is made, further conversations and hopefully transactions will take place in a mutually agreed upon manner.  That way, our sellers can leverage their existing storefronts – virtual or otherwise.  We are merely simplifying the front end of the process.

Here is a bit more about how the idea Hunt for Decor came about.


  • Substantial pre-dawn lineups at markets, barn sales and auctions
  • Countless social media comments along the lines of “I wish we had (stores, sales, stuff, etc.) like this where I live – do you ship?”
  • Highly fragmented supply of original farmhouse/cottage home decor items
  • Joanna Gaines

Hunt for Decor aims to:

  1. Allow hunters to find out about local and/or relatively unknown options for finding that special piece of decor in an efficient and safe manner (they remain anonymous until they choose to engage with a seller).
  2. Provide qualified leads to these sellers with a minimal investment of time and resources on their part.

Revenue model:

  • Hunters will never pay to hunt.
  • During the beta period (length of which is TBD), the service will be free for sellers.
  • Once critical mass is achieved, sellers will pay ~$10/month for unlimited access to hunts.

About our Founder

Our founder, Marianne Llewellyn, spent about 15 years in digital marketing and analytics after obtaining her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  She then spent about 3 years making unique light fixtures out of found objects and recycled materials.  Naturally, it follows that Marianne would create a solution that marries these two periods from her professional career.

Marianne was a self-proclaimed lifelong city girl having spent about 7 years in San Francisco and just as long in Chicago.  She now lives on a lake in a small west Michigan town with her yorkipoo Betty – our Chief Tail Wagger.  She is also known to yell “Go Irish!” given her BS from The University of Notre Dame.

Our Process

  • 1 Hunter completes form:
    • 1a
    • zip code (default is home)
    • what they are looking for (words and pictures)
    • how far they are willing to drive
    • if they are open to having it shipped
      • 1b
      • appropriate sellers are alerted to hunt
      • hunt is added to searchable hunt hopper
      • hunters remain anonymous until step 3
  • 2 Sellers respond to hunt:
    • 2a
    • what they have to offer (words and pictures)
    • suggested when, where and how for the transaction
    • the price of the item(s)
      • 2b
      • responses are gathered and added to the hunter’s view of their hunt
      • not visible to other sellers
  • 3 Hunter connects with seller(s):
    • review seller responses
    • research sellers based on profile info
    • select sellers with which to engage
    • reach out with questions and provide contact info
  • 4 “Talk amongst yourselves”
    • our job is done – we have made the connection
    • hunter and seller continue conversations and ultimately transact in a mutually agreed upon manner
    • everyone is happy and comes back for more!